Kids Learning French Interactive Bilingual Talking Touch Pad Tablet with Touch Screen – Lexibook Kids Pad Discovering Numbers & Letters, Words, Spellings, Music & Instruments (English / French)

Interactive bilingual touch pad (French/English)

Talking pad with touch screen
Press any key and the pad will say the corresponding letter, number or word in both English and French. Perfect for the young users!

"Where is….?" Interactive Quiz Mode
This play mode can enrich learning thanks to an interactive question-and-answer system. The child launches Quiz mode, seeks the answer on the screen and answers by simply clicking!

Easy to bring with you anywhere

• Discovering numbers & Letters
• Discovering words
• Leaning the spelling of words & numbers
• Interactive Quiz mode
• Discovering music and instruments
• Super thin, super light!
• Pad format for an easy holding and a great playing experience
• Talking pad and touch screen
• Perfect for the youngest ones (3 +)

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