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Borderlands 3 Claptrap Pop! Vinyl Figure

Definition of the word Claptrap: Absurd or nonsensical talk or ideas All the way from the original Borderlands to Borderlands 3 comes the best CL4P-TP Steward Bot to bless the world of Pandora. All of the games contain some sort of introduction by Claptrap, in Borderlands you are introduced to Pandora by Claptrap when you arrive in Fyrestone by bus, in Borderlands 2 you awake from a train crash and are introduced to Pandora again by Claptrap – which leads you to your first boss battle against King Mong, King of all Bullymongs, and in Borderlands 3 (although not voiced by the original) returns welcoming us to Pandora once again, but this time we don’t stay on Pandora… Bring on Borderlands 3! The Vault Map is gone! Forever! It will never be found. Never, ever, ever! Is what I’ll say to everyone I know while I look for it. – CL4P-TP The new Borderlands 3 Pop! Vinyl figures are here! This Claptrap figure measures about 3 3/4-inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box. Perfect for any Funko fan or fan of Borderlands>>>> Click here for more…

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